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Difference between web and app views

The Views wizard and the more advanced parts of Views change dynamically depending on the options you choose and exactly what you have on your site. For the purposes of this document, we will describe the steps required to create a simple list of node content. This brings up the Views wizard form. Enter a name for the view in the View name field.

To enter an additional description for the view, select the Description check box, and then describe the view in the field that appears. This description is displayed to administrators on the Views list page.

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The next fieldset on the page allows you to define the content that the view displays by choosing the type of data you want your View to list and how to list it. In the Show list, selecting an item from the list will modify the other options in this fieldset. For example, selecting show users will cause the fieldset to reload, then only the sorted by field will remain.

Here are some other options available to you when creating a basic view. The exact options available to you change dynamically based on what you choose and what you have on your site.

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For this document we will stick to the default and Show content of type All tagged with no tag, sorted by Newest first. The next two fieldsets offer the opportunity to display our content list as a page or a block; the default is to create a page, and the checkbox for this is preselected. To create a new block that contains the results of this view, select the Create a block check box.

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Configure the new block using the settings that appear:. Note: If you want site visitors to view the block, you must place it on your website in a layout. For more information, see Blocks and Layouts. Existing Views can be edited on the View configuration page. There are two ways to access this page:.

The Views list page

At the bottom of the Views main configuration panel is a preview of the view content, showing that your settings work as intended. It is also possible to use the preview to change most of the settings in a view. Clicking any of the gear links will display menus to change most of the view's configuration.

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