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These were contemporary songs written in a tradition, Elvis had always been exploring. It is in the strength of material like this that the difference between these sessions and almost every other session Elvis recorded in the 60's is most evident. More than any other songs in this collection 'In The Ghetto' and 'Suspicious Minds' have earned a special place in the overall picture of Elvis' career, and they are truly a magnificent pair of songs.

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It is nothing but just that they are among the ten songs found here in alternate versions. This is too bad, as good as these alternates may be, since we know that unreleased material exists. First up among the alternates is 'After Loving You' take 2 on which Elvis declares that he's going to play piano.

B.B. King: Anthology (album review) - PopMatters

A wonderful version that rolls a bit softer than the master. You can hear Elvis' usual stacatto-like piano playing throughout. Straight on to 'Without Love' take 1. You wouldn't believe that this was the first take, if you weren't told so. Elvis vocal is very strong here, and you can hear how he really likes the song. Next up is a personal favorite: 'I'm Movin' On' only alternate vocal and mix, as Elvis sang to a prerecorded instrumental track. On this song Reggie Young plays one of my favorite guitar solos ever and obviously Elvis likes it too as he sings along, imitating the sound of the guitar.

The performance of the actual song is clearly a very early take, as the band doesn't sound too comfortable with the song. This version is more like a country song.

Chloe Carroll

On 'Suspicious Minds' take 7 you first hear Elvis and Chips Moman fooling around before counting in a great version, which is again a bit slower than the master and really a different song without the overdubs, much more quiet and less thunderous. Last, 'In The Ghetto' take 3 changes from being a soul song to more of a folk song, as Reggie Young's delicate picking is very prominent without the overdubs.

None of the alternate takes presented on this set are better than the master takes. The reason for this lies in the overdubs. These recordings were made so that 'room' was left for horns and chorus, which was not always the case, and the overdubs are very discrete and blends very well with Elvis and the band. Thus the sound often seems to thin or too naked on the alternates. This should not distract from the fact that most of them are great performances in their own right and that it is very interesting to be able to gain insight in the working process.

The closest thing to a previously unreleased song is 'Poor Man's Gold'. It has been one of the major phantoms among unreleased performances and now we finally get it. We knew that it wouldn't be much, but it is even less than expected, only a line or two and as there is no backing, it is unfortunately not possible to get an impression of what a completed version would have sounded like. This said it is still interesting to hear for historical reasons. The album boldly reminagines these vintage sounds, pushing the boundary of what can be considered Americana. But if you can find beauty in the mundane… well, there you go.

The heaviness of the lyrical content is tempered by the joy and wonder of an artist reconnecting with what made him fall in love with playing music in the first place. The sound of it, the way it made him feel when he was 11 years old and it was all still as new as a fresh coat of spray paint from the can of some smug delinquent. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Eric Clapton. Main articles: Eric Clapton albums discography and Eric Clapton singles discography.

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Collective Soul: Guitar Anthology Series

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Interview with Joel Kosche of Collective Soul

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Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)
Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)
Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)
Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)
Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)
Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)
Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology) Collective Soul (Guitar Anthology)

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