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Critic Reviews. Xan Brooks Aug 30, The longer you look at it, the more impressive it grows.

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Read full review. Tim Grierson Aug 30, Jean Dujardin is quietly excellent as the French officer whose growing conviction that Alfred Dreyfus Louis Garrel is innocent of treason puts him on a collision course with his superiors. The Oscar-winning actor provides the film with its soulful centre, despite the familiarity of the material and its procedural tone. Deborah Young Aug 30, Yet the result is oddly lacking in heart and soul, almost as though a mask of military discipline held it in check.

Roman Polanski is controversial winner at Venice Film Festival

Robbie Collin Sep 13, This is a sober, stiff-collared procedural, handsomely shot but also oddly bloodless until the more conventional paranoid-thriller rhythms of its final act kick in. Alonso Duralde Aug 30, Nevertheless, what she articulated touched a nerve. In general, I tend to be a die-hard believer in separating the man from the art.

More Reviews. Dreyfus was, in fact, an innocent man who was railroaded.

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But the forces against him, which amounted to a conspiracy on the part of the French military, made him, by design, a symbolic figure: a totem of the new wave of anti-Semitism that was beginning to sweep into the new century. As the Dreyfus case played out, in an increasingly fractious and public way, over 12 years, it became a referendum on injustice, anti-Semitism, and the moral identity of France — and, by implication, the larger world of Europe.

So why tell that story now? It seems there are two reasons, only one of them good. In France, the Dreyfus case represents how anti-Semitic fervor could rise up out of the national soil to become policy — and that, in hindsight, carried ominous implications for where Europe was headed.

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  • Can this injustice be overturned? It might be a leap of conjecture to say that Polanski, dogged by the accusations that resulted in his own trial, and self-imposed exile from Hollywood, 42 years ago, now sees himself in the figure of Alfred Dreyfus. Most of the people who harass me do not know me and know nothing about the case. We can have a debate, and should, about how Hollywood, and the American legal system, should now treat Roman Polanski.

    ‎An Officer and a Spy () directed by Roman Polanski • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

    Alfred Dreyfus, however, was an innocent man; there was no substance to the accusations brought against him at trial. They were manufactured. Whereas Polanski, before he fled the United States while awaiting sentencing in , confessed in court that he was guilty of having sex with a year-old girl — and though his victim, Samantha Geimer, has publicly forgiven him, and personally called for any legal action against him to stop, we know from her own description of the crime, quoted in a Vanity Fair investigation, that Polanski drugged and raped her.

    But this one is relevant, because it offers such a direct explanation of why Polanski made the film in the first place. David Ehrlich. It's a solid, well-crafted piece of professional carpentry, like a heavy piece of Victorian furniture; built to last; built to be used. The longer you look at it, the more impressive it grows. Xan Brooks.

    ‘An Officer and a Spy’ gets Silver Lion in Venice

    It's not difficult to see the director finding some kind of warped kinship with his subject. Take from that what you will. Rory O'Connor. The complicated tale of espionage, falsified evidence, witness collusion, judicial due process unfolds with fluency and precision, so that Zhuo-Ning Su. Undoubtedly, the script is this film's most bumbling element.

    Mariona Borrull. It's a well-told film that occasionally gets bogged down by a sense of its own importance, but it's well made, and Dujardin is magnificent. Kaleem Aftab. Becomes a starchy military procedural with a cavalcade of handsome cabs and handlebar moustaches. Raphael Abraham. For its part, the biggest problem of 'An Officer and a Spy' lies in the absolute transparency of the film.

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    An Officer and a Spy An Officer and a Spy
    An Officer and a Spy An Officer and a Spy
    An Officer and a Spy An Officer and a Spy
    An Officer and a Spy An Officer and a Spy
    An Officer and a Spy An Officer and a Spy

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